If you have always dreamed of seeing, touching or riding a Gypsy, we offer that here. We have had people inquire to ride one of our Gypsy horses because it is on their bucket list. What ever the desire is, we can make that dream come true for you!

Above is my dear friend Wendy. We met because she wanted to ride a Gypsy. It was on her bucket list and she was fighting cancer. We made her dream come true. We lost Wendy last October. Our Gypsies brought us together. We miss you with all our hearts!

Lord Byron

Lord Byron is our first Gypsy Cob. He was born in North Texas from imported stock on April 17, 2008 just before midnight. We brought him home on October 1, 2011. He has opened our hearts and has shown us what an amazing breed the Gypsy horse truly is. He lives up to the calm, sweet and docile demeanor that this breed is known for. I have been working with Bryon since he came home to us. He is ridden both English & Western and is used for our photo sessions. He can be ridden as part of the "Ride a Gypsy" opportunity. He is also quite the clown!

Canterbury Rockstar

Canterbury RockStar came to Feathered Grace Farm January 21, 2012. He is a 1/2 brother of Byron. They have the same Sire (Dad). They were both born on April 17, 2008, just hours apart. To have found one of Byron's siblings is amazing to us! We are so excited to have him as part of our family and our business. RockStar is ridden both Western & English. He is used for our photo sessions and can be ridden for our "Ride a Gypsy" opportunity.

American Idol

American Idol is from our dear friend's breeding farm, 4C's Gypsy Horses. He was born the night of the last aired "American Idol" show, hence his name! Born April 7th, 2016. His Sire is the famous Silver Fox and his dame is 4C's A Shade of Dusk. His color is like his dad's, Silver Dapple. He is quite a character and very smart. He has learned many new things since he came to us in November of 2016. We love him and look forward to seeing him grow with our Gypsy herd.