Ride A Gypsy

If you have always dreamed of seeing, touching or riding a Gypsy, we offer that here. We have had people inquire to ride one of our Gypsy horses because it is on their bucket list. What ever the desire is, we can make that dream come true for you!

Want to schedule a "Ride A Gypsy" session? Pricing starts at $25 for a 30-minute ride. You can ride for longer and prices will reflect the amount of time reserved to ride.

***Liability Release Forms must be filled out prior to start of first lesson. See our Release Forms page under the Contact drop down to download.***

**Child must be 6 years old or older **

**Cancellations on scheduled rides must be made within 24 hours of scheduled time.**

**Sometimes weather can be a factor in the cancellation of rides. If the round pen or arena area is too wet from rain, rides will be rescheduled to the next available opening. Texas summers can be very hot. Temps over 90 or high heat indexes, rides with be rescheduled. Also, Texas winters are usually mild, but we have had some colder weather this year. If temps are 40 degrees or below, rides will be rescheduled. If there are high winds or wind chills below 40 degrees, rides will be rescheduled. It will be F.G.F. decision in the end.**

Private Riding Lessons

We have a sign that hangs on our tack cabin that says… “Think Deeply, Speak Gently, Love Much, Laugh A Lot, Work Hard, Give Freely, And Be KIND”. This is not just a sign that hangs on the cabin, this is what we believe here at Feathered Grace Farm and we would like the same from our students/guests. Being positive and having patience is another important part of our instruction here. We all have good days and bad days, so do horses. Our goal is to finish your lesson feeling that you have learned something from your ride. Learning to ride is supposed to be fun, and stress free. You cannot rush the learning process and there will always be something more to learn. I am 51 years old and I am still learning and continuing my education.

As an instructor, I have individual goals for each of my students. I focus on the discipline my students would like to excel in and then we work together to take them there. The main goal as an instructor and something we should all strive for from our students is to bring them to a level that surpasses our own. A level in which you need to send your student forth to advanced them to the highest level, to achieve their highest potential. My students become part of our family here, watching them grow and advance warms my heart.

How we instruct...

We offer private riding lessons for beginner to intermediate riders. For beginner riders, the first few lessons will be on the lead/lunge line, to teach proper balance and seat. Even if you have previously ridden, we need to evaluate your riding level/skills. All of our riding begins with a basic dressage seat. You will learn the fundamentals of control, seat, leg and hand position. Once you learn this, you can take your riding in any direction or discipline. (Riding helmets must be worn during the entire lesson and will be provided for your safety if you do not own your own a helmet).

$50 per lesson (most lessons are 1 1/2 hours). Each lesson will include, grooming, tacking, some in hand work to stretch out the horse and saddle time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Below: FGF Riding Arena

Below: Maya showing RockStar at the Feathered Horse Classic in Belton, TX

Feathered Grace Farm Rules


  1. All riders must sign a liability release form. If rider is under the age of 18 years, form must be signed by parent or legal guardian.
  2. No riders younger then the age of 6 years old will be allowed to ride.
  3. Absolutely no smoking allowed in or around the horse facilities.
  4. Absolutely no alcohol consumption in or around the horse facilities.
  5. Weight limit for youth riders: 175 lbs. Adult riders: 225 lbs. (no exceptions)
  6. All gates must remain closed at all times.
  7. All riders must wear an ASTM F-1163-01/SEI certified riding helmet (we will provide a riding helmet if rider does not own a helmet).
  8. Appropriate riding attire is required A. Long pants/jeans/riding pants B. Close toed shoes required when around the horses C. Riding boot or boots with heel are required for all riders.
  9. Every rider will be assisted while mounting and dismounting.
  10. Do not feed horses treats or feed without permission from staff.
  11. No visiting pets will be allowed on property without permission from farm owner.
  12. Please be on time for your ride. Being late to your session causes an inconvenience to fellow riders and staff who need to maintain a punctual schedule.
  13. If you need to cancel your ride, please be courteous and contact your instructor 24 hours in advance.