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Latest reviews for Feathered Grace Farm 5/5.0 stars (6 reviews)

Oh my gosh...You guys are the nicest, most amazing people. My niece said “thank you aunt Katie for the best birthdday of my life!” but it’s you guys who deserve her thank you. We had the best family day in a very long time. Your place is beautiful and your sweet babies are perfect. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
For a little over a year now, I have been a working student with Cher and Preston Brock at Feathered Grace Farm in Manchaca, TX. I have nothing but positive things to say. From the moment I got there Cher took me under her wing like I was one of her own kids. Right away we started working on my riding seat and simple dressage training. Before I knew it I was more comfortable riding english and western. On days we were unable to ride, I would get to spend times with the other animals she has on their property. Three goats, four little piggies, a mini horse and chickens! I was also always greeted at the door by her awesome dogs I-Lo and Cole! Another thing that I love about Cher is her ability to impact others lives. If ever I needed someone to talk to about friends, high school, horse stuff, or other drama, Cher is always my number one choice. In November, I got to show at the Feathered Horse Classic in Belton, TX on her horses Byron and RockStar. It was an amazing experience that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. Cher has taught me so much about horses, being an equestrian, and being a person. She isn't just my trainer, she is my family, and she has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
We picked up our Cooper at 8 weeks from Feathered Grace Farm, and impressed doesnt begin to define what we have felt in picking up and bonding with our pig. I have grown up raising and training animals and know all to well the importance a foundation is in being handled from an early age on to better prepare an animal to cope with being handled and trained at all stages in life. Cher and her husband Preston did an amazing job handling their Kune kune pigs from day 1 which has been ever apparent since we have picked him up. We can not only cuddle him, but he tolerates being touched and loved all over. He was crate trained overnight and never potties in the house and he is steady and calm and does not scare easily which is so important because we have 2 kids under foot, one of them with autism and stems all the time. Cher and Preston love their animals immensely and each one individual is given the best care and love imaginable. I also love how they provide a sample of food to transition their food as well as a "what to expect" guide from feed to vet care. I would never hesitate to go to them in the future to obtain another
We had such a wonderful time at your beautiful farm! You and your husband are such gracious hosts and the animals are, as always, adorable :) Thanks so much for inviting us in to your wonderful world! We will be back again soon!
Thank you Ms. Cher from Feathered Grace Farm!! Our family loved the visit and enjoyed the experience, which I'm sure will repeat soon! Deeply appreciate your guidance and love for what you do!! Your place reflects the love you have for these little friends!! Kids, dad included, can't wait to see y'all again!
Feathered Grace Farm is a tucked-away Central Texas treasure! I made an appointment with Cher to bring my two granddaughters (Frances, 9, and Caroline, 6) to visit the farm because they (and I) love horses. I was intrigued by the Feathered Gypsy breed, and looked forward to meeting Lord Byron and RockStar. I had visited the FGF website mainly to look at the Feathered Gypsies and didn't really pay much attention to the other animals who live at the farm. We had no idea what a treat was in store for us, but oh, my goodness! In addition to the majestic Lord Byron and RockStar, we saw piggies, goats, one miniature horse plus one miniature dwarf pony, chickens and dogs. All the animals are so enchanting, sweet, lovey and most of them do tricks (except the goats and chickens). We got to pet, comb manes, brush tails, rub bellies and chins, give treats and generally enjoyed the close interaction with the animals. Only one goats; Gracie played a little roughly, but Cher explained that she had grown up playing with their rambunctious lab, Cole. I will not be surprised if Cher hasn't taught some tricks to the goats and chickens by the time we visit again - it is almost magical to watch how the animals respond to her loving patience with them. We visited almost two hours and my granddaughters did not want to leave - in fact, Caroline said she wants to live at the farm! For thirty minutes on our way home, the girls kept talking about this animal or that, and their different personalities. We're all looking forward to the next time we get to visit Cher and the wonderful animals at the farm. Oh, if you like hot & spicy foods, you might want to take along a little cash in case you're fortunate enough to be there when Cher's husband has made some of his special spicy dill pickles. They are really, really good!

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