We offer farm visits for families, school & daycare groups, companies/facilities, home school groups and church groups. No more than 10 visitors at a time, which include adults/parents/chaperones.

Come enjoy Lil LuLu, Daisy, the piggies, goats, chickens, and lamb. Also get Byron, RockStar, and American Idol to smile for you!

Off Site visits...

Visiting Red Rock Elementary School

KOZ (Kids Outdoor Zone) Fall Festival....

Fun for all ages!

On site visits by appointment only:

Prices are:

$10 per adult and $5 per child (under 12 years of age).

Families of up to 5 members is $25. Each additional guest is $5 (we allow up to 10 guests at a time/at least 1 adult supervisor per 4 children).

This is for an hour or so of petting and playing with our animals. Bring a bag lunch and sit under our covered pavilion, enjoying the animals. Release forms must be filled out prior to entrance of farm (see Release Form page to download). Currently we are not open on holidays, this includes Good Friday and Easter weekend. Thank You!

Off site party prices are quoted by phone. Every party is different and we will customize it just for you!

Feathered Grace Farm

Barn Yard Rules

  1. Wash your hands after petting the animals. Hand sanitizes and wipes are provided.
  2. All gates must stay closed at all times.
  3. Parents/guardians, please supervise/watch your children at all times.
  4. Please watch your fingers as animals can and will bite (they cannot tell the difference between fingers and food!)
  5. Proper clothing is required, you must have closed toes shoes. NO sandals or flip flops are permitted in the petting farm area.
  6. Teasing and/or abuse of the animals will not be tolerated. NO yelling, running or screaming around the animals.
  7. No climbing on fences, gates or pens.
  8. Do to the nutritional balance of the animals diet and for the animals safety we ask that you DO NOT feed outside food to the animal. Feathered Grace Farm will provide treats for individual animals. Some animals are not to be fed treats at all. You will be advised to what animals can be fed treats. Please ask if you have any questions.
  9. There are no age restrictions for the petting zoo/farm.
  10. Animals are not to be picked up or carried. No exceptions.
  11. Farm visit release forms must be completed/signed to enter the property.

See our Release Forms Page...

Understand that F.G.F. has the right to remove any visitors from the property if the rules are not being enforced. Off property rules are posted under payments & event rules.

Birthday Parties & Unicorn Parties »

Birthday Parties,Unicorn Parties/Photos, Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

We will customize a party just for you! Call for party prices. On site or off site. Unicorn parties are the most popular at this time. Please Note: We only offer pony rides on site her at Feathered Grace Far,. You can ad this to a petting zoo visit or just come for the pony rides. Release forms must be signed prior to the event. You can find the release forms under our contact drop down above.

Below: Oakley Rose celebrating her…

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