Feathered Grace Farms opens their gates and their hearts to families in need of therapy and healing through animals. Our Healing Hooves program is specifically geared toward families living with Autism, but works with any diagnosed patients that are in need of therapy, including diagnosed PTSD patients. Animals have a way to soothe and calm. We are certified in The Horse Boy Method I and Horse Boy Method II. All therapy sessions or playdates are pro-bono. Most families that live with Autism can't afford this type of therapy because insurance usually will not cover it. We use all the animals to help the child. All our animals are trained to do certain tricks and those tricks can be performed by the children to help them with communication and interacting with others. It teaches to communicate on a different level. We are not offering therapeutic riding at this time, do to the high cost of GL Insurance.


On July 25th, we had a very special guest. Pat is in therapy for her onset of dementia. When Pat was young, she was a rodeo princess and remembers the horses in her life. She just wanted to touch a horse again! Byron loved all the brushing and attention he received from Pat. I love being able to open our little farm up for visits like this! I am truly BLESSED!