Cher Brock has been riding since she was 6 years old. She has owned horses most of her life. Cher has also worked on race tracks and breeding farms. Growing up next to Suffolks Downs Race Track and hanging out with trainers/TB breeders at a young age, her love for horses grew quickly. As a member of 4-H and Pony Club, she learned the basics in riding and showing. As a teen, Cher ventured away from showing and rode as an exerciser on a Quarter Horse race track. She also experienced working ranch, herding, heading and team penning. She has worked with and still works with some amazing trainers. Cher believes in continuous education, that is why she has mentors such as:

Hollie McNeil, Marijke de Jong, Sofia Valenca , Christian Bachinger and Petter Maddison-Greenwell just to name a few.

One of Cher's dreams was to have a place that she could share the love of animals with others. She has worked with all types of animals throughout her life and finally has the ability to share them with the public.

Gypsy Cob History »

Gypsy Cob History

The history of the Gypsy Horse, also known as the Gypsy Cob or some call them Gypsy Vanner (which is just a registry name); is steeped in the traditions of the Romany people of Europe. More commonly referred to as Gypsies in this country, the Romany people (which does not refer to Romania as many people think) take great pride in their horses. Unfortunately, due to the lack of written records on the breed, most of what is known of the Gypsy Horse has been passed down…

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KuneKune History »

KuneKune History

The KuneKune pig breed was once near certain extinction. These delightful pigs were only found near the Maori Islands of New Zealand. They were kept by the Maori people and were allowed to roam around their villages.

The origin of the breed is somewhat uncertain, as there is a lack of documented information on its introduction and early population numbers in New Zealand. The general consensus is that the KuneKune were probably brought to New Zealand in the 1800's by…

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Cher has owned and worked with many breeds throughout the years such as Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, Spotted Saddle Horse, POA's and Connemaras. There is no breed like the Gypsy. Now that she owns two beautiful Gypsies, she wants to share them with the world! It has been her dream to share horses through therapeutic riding. Cher has her level 1 & 2 "The Horse Boy" and Stress Free Dressage 1-2 certifications.

Cher volunteered at Marbridge for over 4 years. Marbridge is a live-in facility that caters to adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. She assisted the residence in their equine therapy program classes and assisted in training the Special Olympic Equine Team.

In April 2011, she started trick training under the instruction of the amazing trick trainer; Sue De Laurentis, owner of Imagine a Horse. While working with Sue, Cher had the pleasure to work with one of her Gypsy horses in training. That is when she fell in love with this amazing breed. We hope that we can show you and your family the joy that we get from sharing our world with you!

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