Lore and GiGi are sisters from the same litter. They were born May 4, 2014. They were flown into Texas on Delta from a breeding farm in Virginia. They are very smart girls and have learned tricks such as to sit, sit up, and dance. We are planning to breed them when they are of age. If you are interested in owning a KuneKune, please contact us for more details.

Piglets Available »

We do not have any available piglets at this time.

GiGi and Watson have a litter due the first week of April 2018. We will update the page once the piggies are born.

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Meet Lore she is considered a gilt (sow/female). Her color is gold and black. Here she is at 10 weeks old learning to sit:


Meet GiGi she is also a gilt (sow/female). Her color is brown and white. Here she is at 10 weeks old learning to sit.


Meet Watson, he is our boar boy.


Meet Wendy, she is a gilt/sow. Here we are bringing her home. She wanted to sit in Maya's lap.